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Whirlaway Surface cleaner 14in

Whirlaway Surface cleaner 14in
Our Price:  €108.00(Exc. 23% VAT)

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Model:  WWAY14
Part Number:  85.403.014

Genuine BE Whirlaway .Free Delivery

Fast, Even Cleaning For Large Flat Surfaces
Great for patios, fences, rooftops & walls
Prevents the zebra striping produced by regular sprayers
Increases Cleaning Efficiency
Reduces cleaning time by up to 60% over regular nozzles
Hover action won't mar aggregate, pavers, or stamped concrete
Keeps overspray to a minimum, even working close to walls
14" Heavy Duty Polypropylene Cover
High-tech polymer is light weight and durable
Channels water flow out the front, away from the user
Welded Steel Two Arm Rotary Spray Bar
Has 2 nozzles rated 4000 PSI
Needs a minimum of 2 GPM and 1500 PSI to work properly
Easy To Use Frame
Male quick connector attaches to your spray lance. If you use the coloured quick connect nozzles simply remove nozzle and connect to surface cleaner.
(Spray lance not included)
Handles up to 180F maximum incoming water temperature
Factory Warranty
90 days on materials & workmanship
Consumer Use Warranty - No Commercial Warranty

.Uneven,loose or cracked surfaces can impede or cause damage to the surface cleaner spray bar. Damage to the spray bar due to impact with an uneven surface or loose material is not covered under warranty

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