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Tillotson DG-1HK Diaphram-Gasket Kit

Tillotson DG-1HK Diaphram-Gasket  Kit
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Model:  TK3
Part Number:  DG-1HK

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The kit includes 1 x Pump Diaphragm, 1 x Pump Gasket, 1 x Metering Diaphragm, 1 x Metering Gasket,
This kit fits all the following Tillotson HK and HE Series Carburettors:
HE-1A, HE-3A, HE-5A, HE-6A, HE-7A, HE-8A, HE-9A, HK-10D, HK-10E, HK-12A, HK-12B, HK-12C, HK-13A, HK-13C, HK-13D, HK-14B, HK-14C, HK-14D, HK-15B, HK-15C, HK-15E, HK-16B, HK-16C, HK-16D, HK-19A, HK-19C, HK-20A, HK-20B, HK-20C, HK-21A, HK-21B, HK-21C, HK-23A, HK-23B, HK-23C, HK-23D, HK-23E, HK-25A, HK-25B, HK-27A, HK-27B, HK-28A, HK-28B, HK-28C, HK-29A, HK-29B, HK-30A, HK-35A, HK-36A, HK-37A, HK-38A, HK-40A, HK-40B, HK-41A, HK-42A, HK-42B, HK-43A, HK-43B, HK-44A,.
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